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Dependency monitored from ca-central-1 us-east-1 us-east-2 us-west-1 us-west-2
    These checks run independently from other checks for this dependency.
    • Capturing events

      Captures an event.
      391.00 ms
      397.90 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-east-2
      375.00 ms
      431.94 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-west-2
    • Waiting for issue creation

      Waits for an issue to be created from the event.
      11.60 s
      11.82 s Avg
      Last 12h from us-east-2
      12.05 s
      12.82 s Avg
      Last 12h from us-west-2
    • Resolving issues

      Resolves the issue.
      310.00 ms
      382.31 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-east-2
      467.00 ms
      509.31 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-west-2
    • Deleting issues

      Deletes the issue.
      136.00 ms
      170.04 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-east-2
      172.00 ms
      193.37 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-west-2

Vendor status page components

Authentication Services
Authentication Services - Azure DevOps
Authentication Services - GitHub
Authentication Services - Google
Authentication Services - Password-Based
Authentication Services - SAML-Based Single Sign-On
Cron Monitoring (Beta)
Event Ingestion
Event Ingestion - Attachment Ingestion
Event Ingestion - Error Ingestion
Event Ingestion - Profile Ingestion
Event Ingestion - Replay Ingestion
Event Ingestion - Transaction Ingestion
Notification Delivery
Notification Delivery - Email
Notification Delivery - Microsoft Teams
Notification Delivery - PagerDuty
Notification Delivery - Slack
Third-Party Integrations
Third-Party Integrations - Electron Symbol Server
Third-Party Integrations - Heroku
Third-Party Integrations - Microsoft Symbol Server
Third-Party Integrations - Stripe