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Dependency monitored from az:canadacentral az:eastus az:eastus2 az:westus az:westus2 ca-central-1 us-east-1 us-east-2 us-west-1 us-west-2

Status reported by Azure Functions vs Metrist

Each bar represents 1 day
90 days ago
    These checks run in order. If one fails, the following checks won't be run.
    • RunHttpTrigger

      322.00 ms
      320.83 ms Avg
      Last 12h from az:canadacentral
      336.00 ms
      321.20 ms Avg
      Last 12h from az:eastus
      312.00 ms
      311.90 ms Avg
      Last 12h from az:eastus2
      338.00 ms
      358.83 ms Avg
      Last 12h from az:westus
      325.00 ms
      346.19 ms Avg
      Last 12h from az:westus2

Vendor status page components

az:canadacentral - Azure Functions
az:centralus - Azure Functions
az:eastus - Azure Functions
az:eastus2 - Azure Functions
az:southcentralus - Azure Functions
az:westus - Azure Functions
az:westus2 - Azure Functions