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Status reported by AWS Lambda vs Metrist

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    These checks run in order. If one fails, the following checks won't be run.
    • Triggering lambdas

      198.00 ms
      246.09 ms Avg
      Last 12h from ca-central-1
      263.00 ms
      636.41 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-east-1
      188.00 ms
      259.68 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-east-2
      189.00 ms
      264.05 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-west-1
      288.00 ms
      308.73 ms Avg
      Last 12h from us-west-2

Vendor status page components

ca-central-1 - AWS Lambda (Montreal) Service Status
us-east-1 - AWS Lambda (N. Virginia) Service Status
us-east-2 - AWS Lambda (Ohio) Service Status
us-west-1 - AWS Lambda (N. California) Service Status
us-west-2 - AWS Lambda (Oregon) Service Status